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School Energy Audit

Lower Operating Costs & Reduce Your Schools Carbon Footprint

An energy audit is a review of your school’s energy use that includes a list of recommendations showing you how to reduce your gas and electricity use. The list of recommendations is quantified – it shows you the expected cost, the benefit, the greenhouse gas savings and the payback on any investment made.

You should have an energy audit of your school undertaken if:

  • You wish to apply for grant funding. Our audits have assisted schools in successfully applying for hundreds of thousands of dollars of grant funding.
  • You are looking for Department of Education funding for works such as a heating upgrade. We have assisted many schools identify what the best form of heating is to replace their aging system, and to get funding for it.
  • You want to take action now to reduce your energy expenses and greenhouse gas pollution. An energy audit shows you exactly how to do this.
  • You want to identify and implment immediately low cost actions that will have an immediate impact .Our experience shows that typically most schools can cut their energy use and expenses by 10% at little or no cost.
  • You wish to prepare a budget for works to reduce your schools environmental impact.
  • You have upcoming planned capital works, and wish to ensure the best environmental outcome.
  • You want to quantify your school’s greenhouse gas emissions and compare your school with other schools on a per student basis.
  • You want to provide instructions to your school’s electrician and plumber as to the easy things they can do to reduce your energy use.
  • You want to learn how to motivate staff and students to be more conscious of their energy use and get better at switching off.
  • You want to reduce your water use as well as your energy use (the two often go hand in hand).

CarbonetiX has undertaken energy audits of over 200 schools of all sizes and types, from small country town primary schools and P12 schools through to large secondary collages. We have collaborated extensively with the Department of Education and Training in Victoria on audits of some of the highest energy using schools in the state.

Our wide experience means that:

  • We understand the time and resource constraints many schools face.
  • By keeping tabs on how much energy schools have saved we have learned from our experience – we have a good idea of what realistically works, and the issues associated with many products and solutions.
  • We provide realistic estimates of cost and benefits. It’s easy to over-estimate benefits and under-estimate cost. Our experiance, in  helping schools implement audit actions and monitor their savinfs, has given us a good understanding of benifits and cotrs. Our School Environment Tracking System (SETS) has helped enormously in this.
  • The chances are we have seen it before – whether it be a strange heating system, as odd form of control , or wasteful habits – and we know the solution.
  • We are well networked, and can probably reference your school to another school that has dealt with similar problems.
  • We have a range of packages to suit a range of school types and budgets.
  • We can work with your school, wherever it is in Australia. We have a proven methodology for working remotely with schools, via telephone and email, which distance makes it impractical for us to physically visit.

CarbonetiX has developed key value-adding alliances with:

  • Mark Smith of Sunrise Energy Management. Mark has collaborated with us on most of our audits and delivers a powerful behavioural change message to schools that has proven results in improving switch off practices.
  • CERES. Jointly with Sunrise Energy Management and CERES we have delivered an energy audit program fully integrated with the Sustainable Schools Program to nearly half of the schools we have worked with to date.
  • The Department of Education and Training Victoria. We have undertaken several projects on behalf of DE&T, including energy audits of schools in every Victorian schools region, the development of the School Energy Shutdown Guide – used successfully over the 2005/06 Christmas holidays.
  • Sustainability Victoria
  • Western Port Greenhouse Alliance
  • The Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance

Money is tight in schools. We don’t wish you to waste yours. If, within 3 months of receiving our energy audit report, for what ever reason you are unhappy with the quality of our work we offer a 100% money back guarantee.  For more detail call or complete our online form.

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